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A New Church podcast about religion and life, featuring discussions and interviews. New episodes publish weekly on Wednesdays and last for about 15-20 minutes. The ChapmanCast is hosted by Pearse Frazier and guests. We welcome your comments below. Or, you may send us an email at

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Donnette Alfelt on Eternal Marriage

In this episode, Pearse interviews Donnette Alfelt about the loss of a spouse and her belief in eternal marriage. Donnette's husband Lennart passed away 30 years ago, but she considers herself still married. She discusses the New Church teachings that inform the way she thinks of death and her continued connection with Lennart. Donnette has published several books on grief, marriage, and life, including Comfort and Hope for Widows and Widowers and leads support groups for widows and widowers. How might a belief in eternity change the way we approach our relationships?

Donnette Alfelt on Eternal Marriage


Understanding the Bible with John Odhner

In this episode, Pearse interviews the Rev. John Odhner, host of, about the Old and New Testaments. John emphasizes the importance of letting the Bible interpret itself, revealing a deeper meaning contained in the literal text. So is Biblical interpretation a postmodern free-for-all? John assures us that it is not. The Scriptures contain guidelines for us as we try to understand the Lord's messages in the often-confusing stories and sayings. So what are these messages?


Understanding the Bible with John Odhner


Trauma Counseling with Tom Rose

In this episode, Pearse and Todd interview the Rev. Tom Rose, pastor of Ivyland New Church, about his experience as a chaplain with policemen, firemen, and emergency responders. Tom describes the job of a chaplain and shares a few stories from his two decades of service. He touches on the way he balances his New Church background with the ecumenical role of chaplain. Tom focuses on the phenomenon of pain in trauma-how the victim's experience differs from the perceptions of bystanders, loved ones, and responders.

Trauma Counseling with Tom Rose


Bible Study with Jonathan Rose

In this episode, Todd and Pearse interview the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Rose about the Bible study he holds every week. Jonathan describes how his approach to reading the Bible has evolved, through personal study and his interactions with the Church of Truth. How to deal with non-canonical books, for example? He discusses ways the Heavenly Doctrines have informed his studies and vice versa, and he offers listeners some guidelines for their own studies.

Bible Study with Jonathan Rose


Belief in God

“Nobody, not even an angel, can know all the different ways in which people accept the Lord.” (HD 86)

In this episode, Todd, Chris, and Pearse discuss belief in God. The group debates whether a belief in God is sufficient or even necessary to get to heaven. Does faith in God make you happier? We also mention the video "Head Bullies" and ask, "Can you convince someone else that God exists?"

Belief in God


Education with Mark Wyncoll

In this episode, we discuss New Church education with Mark Wyncoll, principal and teacher at the Kempton New Church School. He describes his role and offers some New Church teachings he strives to implement in his work at the life of the school. For example, how can a teacher transfer information to students while inviting them to take ownership of the learning process?

Education with Mark Wyncoll


Dating & Valentine's Day

In this episode, Pearse and Todd, along with their wives, Taryn and Jenn, discuss expectations surrounding Valentine's Day and dating. Should it be up to the guy to plan and pursue? Are you supposed to "fake it till you make it," as Married Love seems to indicate, even when the date or gift flopped? They also debate--sometimes heatedly--what makes a good date. Todd and Jenn offer some dating hacks for couples with kids, and all four reflect on their unmarried dating days and lessons they learned.

Dating and Valentine's Day


Emergent Christianity with Mac

In this episode, we hear from Glenn "Mac" Frazier, pastor of New Way Church in Austin, about the Emergent Christian movement. Mac takes a shot at describing the movement: a post-modern, authentic approach to ritual and religion. While the Emergent movement is not easily defined, it represents an exciting, diverse new corner of Christianity--the antithesis, in many ways, of the megachurch. How can the New Church learn from or reach out to Emergents?

Emergent Christianity with Mac


A Little Perspective

Does your teacher believe his class is the only thing you do all week? Does your boss imagine that you only ever think about your job? Some people behave as if their own passions or callings should be the most important in others' lives as well. In this episode, Todd, Alan, and Pearse discuss this tendency in terms of the ministry. How to balance emphasizing the importance of the life of the church while encouraging congregants to live full lives in the world?

A Little Perspective


Room to Grow

Do you think of your spouse as a "control freak?" Do you think of yourself as "the athletic one"? In this episode, Pearse, Calvin, and Todd discuss our tendency to pigeonhole ourselves and others. But this can make us feel trapped in those perceived identities. How do we make room to grow in our relationships and, just as important, give others the same opportunity to change? 

Room to Grow