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Wednesday, November 3, 2010
New Church Perspective in Editor

New Church Perspective is run by a leadership team which initiated the project and guides its tone and purpose. All the work to maintain and provide content for the project is offered out of people's spare time.

The project will continue to be guided by a small team but our hope is to make it a collaborative adventure which can sustain itself without overly taxing any one volunteer. This approach is possible if many people take on small portions of the project which they are personally drawn to and find a joy to complete.

Already, we have enjoyed the input and work of nearly 50 different people, each contributing something to the process.

I invite you to consider ways which you might love to participate without burdening yourself in an unsustainable way. I will list several possibilities below. If your interest isn't represented on the list, contact us to see if the project could benefit from what you have to offer.

There are many more bits and pieces that go into this project. Remember that my invitation is to find something you would genuinely enjoy and not feel burdened by. Some of the tasks listed above could involve a couple hours every week, but others would be a valuable contribution at only a couple hours each year.

If you feel interested in adding to the project in any of these ways, start by contacting us. We don't currently have all the necessary infrastructure in place, but will work hard to add you onto the team.

Brian Smith and the NCP Leadership Team

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