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A New Church podcast about religion and life, featuring discussions and interviews. New episodes publish weekly on Wednesdays and last for about 15-20 minutes. The ChapmanCast is hosted by Pearse Frazier and guests. We welcome your comments below. Or, you may send us an email at

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A Little Perspective

Does your teacher believe his class is the only thing you do all week? Does your boss imagine that you only ever think about your job? Some people behave as if their own passions or callings should be the most important in others' lives as well. In this episode, Todd, Alan, and Pearse discuss this tendency in terms of the ministry. How to balance emphasizing the importance of the life of the church while encouraging congregants to live full lives in the world?

A Little Perspective


What do you need to know?

Chris, Malcolm, Pearse and Todd discuss what you need to know to be in the church. What should a minister hope their congregants know in order to feel like he's done a good job. Tell us what you think the essential truths of the church are in the comments section of the website. Thanks for listening!

What do you need to know?