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A New Church podcast about religion and life, featuring discussions and interviews. New episodes publish weekly on Wednesdays and last for about 15-20 minutes. The ChapmanCast is hosted by Pearse Frazier and guests. We welcome your comments below. Or, you may send us an email at

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Understanding the Bible with John Odhner

In this episode, Pearse interviews the Rev. John Odhner, host of, about the Old and New Testaments. John emphasizes the importance of letting the Bible interpret itself, revealing a deeper meaning contained in the literal text. So is Biblical interpretation a postmodern free-for-all? John assures us that it is not. The Scriptures contain guidelines for us as we try to understand the Lord's messages in the often-confusing stories and sayings. So what are these messages?


Understanding the Bible with John Odhner


Reading the Word with Mac

We talk with Glenn "Mac" Frazier of New Way Church in Austin about reading the Word. We discuss ways of approaching reading the Word, including the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, and recommend taking one story or small work at a time. We talk about genuine truth, apparent truth, and how to see a deeper meaning in the Bible. What do you believe are some of the core, essential truths that help unlock the rest of the Word's deeper meaning?

Reading the Word with Mac


Emergent Christianity

Malcolm and Pearse discuss "Emergent Christianity." We mention "The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier" by Tony Jones, and a conference at Gloria Dei Church where Tony Jones and Brian McLaren spoke. What do you think about postmodern interpretations of the Bible, the Divinity of Christ and other essential doctrines, and where the New Church fits in. Join the conversation in the comments below. Thanks for listening!

Emergent Christianity with Malcolm