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Editor's Box | Digest: Articles 53-62

January 7 through February 25. Catch up on any of the articles you've missed!

January 7, 2011
“Using an Annoying Game to Deal With Annoying Thought Patterns” by Malcolm Smith.
Malcolm throws a wrench into the gears of the ever calculating, meritorious self-machine. In so doing, he experiences moments of sincere love. Below, his strategy is revealed.

January 14, 2011
“Why I Believe in Organized Religion” by Derrick Lumsden.
Derrick observes that many people are drawn to spirituality, yet repelled by religious organizations. While admitting his fundamental bias, he argues for organized religion and asserts that both the individual and the community have something to gain from engaging with each other fully.

January 21, 2011
“Knowing How Others Feel” by Ted Klein.
Ted underlines that as we walk through life we must be sensitive and receptive to what others are feeling. This conscious sharing of their experience can lead to an honest understanding of their situation, permitting us to serve them more effectively.

January 27, 2011
“Mixed Media | How Do You Know God is Not in a Tree?” by Curtis Childs.
What is it about this simple video by Curtis Childs which has attracted so many positive responses and over 2,000 views on YouTube? Perhaps people have left the age of reading and require video before engaging with interesting ideas. Perhaps the ideas written by Swedenborg are magnetic when presented in an accessible and humorous form? Viewers have said, "Amazing, succinct, powerful!" "This made me THINK and I LOVE that!" "Nice little video. I'd like to see more like this." "As an agnostic I found this very interesting. Well done sir." If you're one of the people who finds this video to be a useful medium for sharing cool ideas, share it on Facebook or pressure Curtis for more.

January 28, 2011
“Come, Preach the Gospel!” by Isaac Synnestvedt.
Isaac invites all who have received the truth of the Lord's coming to proclaim the good news fearlessly. With the enthusiasm of a biblical prophet, he warns everyone to share what they have or risk losing it.

February 4, 2011
“What do We have in Common with Other Christians?” by Solomon Keal.
By focussing his attention on what the New Church shares with other Christian denominations Solomon augments a sense of oneness, a sense that we are all part of Lord's church on earth.

February 11, 2011
“Swedenborg the Evangelist” by Nathan Cole.
Here Nathan argues that the sentiment that Swedenborg did not intend to start a church is erroneous. He illustrates this point with many personal accounts from Swedenborg's life. Originally given as a talk for the Carmel New Church Swedenborg Banquet January 2010, we are publishing it now in honor of the 323rd anniversary of Swedenborg's birthday, January 29th, 1688.

February 18, 2011
“Holism” by Edmund Brown.
Here Edmund expounds on holistic management principles as defined by Allan Savory. He finds that Savory's focus on the whole is a concept mirrored everywhere in Swedenborg's writings. These guidelines are as applicable to a farmer managing the natural resources around him as they are to an individual navigating his spiritual life.

February 24, 2011
“Mixed Media | A New Church Perspective on Children's Art” by Erin Stillman.
This is an excerpt in slides from Erin's Parent’s Night talk, given Sept 2010 at Washington New Church School. The talk was titled "Why Teach Art?" and illustrates, through children's art, New Church ideas brought to life visually. (In order to view the slide show you will have to follow the link provided below. When you see the list of pictures, click on the first one to start the slides.)

February 25, 2011
“Move Over, Einstein: How a little-known Swedish theologian predicted modern science a quarter of a millennium ago” by Brian David.
Brian compares Swedenborg's fundamental concepts about the nature of God and his operation in the universe with evolving scientific theories of reality, only to find they are converging. Brian wrote this as an introduction for a book for the General Church Bridge Books competition. He invites you to offer feedback, questions and encouragement towards the completion of the book.

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