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Editor's Box | Digest: Articles 21 through 30 in 2010

May 21 through July 25. Catch up on any of the articles you've missed! With dual discussions of finding religious commonality in relationships and a consideration of the meaning that can be drawn from illness, our authors take on a wide variety of topics.

May 21, 2010
“The Hidden Influence and Relevance of Swedenborg 2: Egypt, Assyria, and Quantum Mechanics” by Curtis Childs.
This is the second of three sections of an essay by Curtis Childs on the significance of Emanuel Swedenborg's work. Start with section 1: “Why We Are Here”. Finally, turn to section 3: “Swedenborg's Influence”.

May 28, 2010
“Spirituality in Relationships” by Meryl Cowley.
Meryl and her husband Diogo both come from deeply spiritual backgrounds but the shared elements of spirituality between were not necessarily what she expected while growing up. In this article Meryl explores her evolving understanding of what it means to have spiritual alignment with another person.

June 4, 2010
“The Hidden Influence and Relevance of Swedenborg 3: Swedenborg's Influence” by Curtis Childs.
This is the third of three sections of an essay by Curtis Childs on the significance of Emanuel Swedenborg's work. Start with section 1: “Why We Are Here”. Then read section 2: “Egypt, Assyria, and Quantum Mechanics”. Then finish up here with section 3: “Swedenborg's Influence”.

June 11, 2010
“Dating ‘Outside’ the Church” by Garrett Smith.
In this article Garrett Smith explores his changing attitude toward dating “outside” of the New Church. Like Meryl Cowley a couple weeks ago in Spirituality in Relationships, Garrett concludes that spanning differences of religious background with romantic interest offers some unique benefits as well as challenges.

June 18, 2010
“Enlightenment: Illustrado vs. Liviano” by Heath Synnestvedt.
With an acknowledged “unpolished style,” Heath Synnestvedt playfully considers a range of topics. Violence on television, the human propensity to distraction, and understanding the concept of enlightenment are all explored through anecdote and irony. In keeping with his message and manner, Heath intends the use of the lower case “i” for the personal pronoun.

June 25, 2010
“Namaste” by Malcolm Smith.
Malcolm Smith unpacks the meaning of “Namaste” and asks whether "the divine within me, honoring the divine within you" is a doctrinally sound concept through a New Church lens.

July 2, 2010
“Does God Have a Sense of Humor?” by Coleman Glenn.
Do you have to be boring in order to be good? This week Coleman Glenn wonders if God has a sense of humor... and what God's sense of humor might imply about human joking. Coleman acknowledges some gray area in distinguishing appropriate and inappropriate humor but works towards his own conclusion.

July 9, 2010
“It Will Not Be So Among You” by Isaac Synnestvedt.
With excitement and urgency, Isaac Synnestvedt asks the reader to consider the Lord's powerful and present rule in this world and in the lives of all individuals. He considers the difference between useful and destructive loves of ruling. Finally, Isaac leads the reader to consider the amazing blessings in store when we “persist in charity against all odds.”

July 16, 2010
“Epiphany: A Lived Wisdom” by Angela Heldon.
Angela Heldon tells an optimistic tale of hope and healing. While recounting her experiences battling Ulcerative Colitis, Angela shares her reflections and inspiration about the Lord's guidance and purpose in leading her through this challenging journey toward physical health.

July 25, 2010
“Snap-Shots of Marriage” by Lori Odhner.
In her latest, daily “Marriage Moat,” Lori Odhner responds to the mystery and questions prompted by Caleb Kerr's photography. In thinking about stories told by photographs, Lori shares her growing view of marriage and its dynamic nature.

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