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Education with Mark Wyncoll

In this episode, we discuss New Church education with Mark Wyncoll, principal and teacher at the Kempton New Church School. He describes his role and offers some New Church teachings he strives to implement in his work at the life of the school. For example, how can a teacher transfer information to students while inviting them to take ownership of the learning process?

Education with Mark Wyncoll

Reader Comments (1)

Great interview Mark and Pearse! It is so cool to be able to get this on itunes and not be stuck listening to "Stuff you should Know" forever.

I love especially what Mark says about the respect that he has for the young people he deals with, and how conscious he is that so very soon they will be adults. He had the same perspective twenty-five years ago when we started working together and I have often thought about it as I interact with the former pupils who are now in their thirties!

But it speaks to a fundamental attitude towards the growing mind that is so central to education and so central to the New Church - it's about freedom and interest, but it is also about guidance and the tricky relationship between teacher and student that makes it work.

So thank you for the podcast! I hope to hear many more.


February 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJeremy Simons

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